Chicastic Suede Velvet Rhinestone Stud One Ring Knuckle Duster Evening Cocktail Clutch Bag 2017/18

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Rhinestone Studded One Ring Knuckle Duster Style Evening Cocktail BagRhinestone Studded Clutch
One Ring Knuckle Duster Style
Chain String Attached
Measures – Length = 7 in * Height = 4 in * Width = 2 in
**Official CHICASTIC product made and sold exclusively by Chicastic.** Products sold by other sellers may vary. Please check seller before checking out.


  • Morgan Downie

    I ordered both the black and the red. They are more lovely than the picture and arrived quickly. The only thing was the clasp on the red one was loose, but I thought maybe I can tighten it up myself. Didn’t work. I just thought well, it’s not that bad and that was that. Then I got an email to leave feedback and told the same story. To my amazement within 2 minutes I got an email from Chicastic, they are sending me a new one with a sticker to return the one i received! Bar none, the best customer service I have ever seen!
    I was so impressed I still can’t believe it! Excellent job Chicastic!